Myogen Bulking Pack 8 Weeks (SustaGen 250®-DecaGen 250®-DianaGen 10®-PTC-Liver Protection Samagen®) Myogen

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Myogen Bulking Pack 8 Weeks (SustaGen 250®-DecaGen 250®-DianaGen 10®-PTC-Liver Protection Samagen®) Myogen

2* SustaGen 250® - Sustanon Testosterones 250 mg/ml - 5 ampoules of 1ml - MyoGen

Sustanon testosterone comes as a blend comprising of between 3-6 testosterone esters (phenylpropionate, isocaproate, propionate, decanoate, acetate, and cypionate). This mix ensures a quick and sustained release of testosterone. It's common in the bulking cycles where muscle gains and strength are a requirement.

2* DecaGen 250® - Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 250 mg/ml - 5 ampoules of 1ml - MyoGen

Nandrolone decanoate (Deca-Durabolin) helps to slow down the release of Nandrolone, a hormone that resembles testosterone. Nandrolone is highly anabolic and partly androgenic and will boost your strength as well as promote lean muscles gains without the risk of high level androgenic and estrogenic side effects.

3* Samagen® - Liver Protection 140 mg/tablet - Box of 50 tablets - MyoGen

1* AnaGen® - Anti Estrogen Arimidex 0.5 mg/tablet - Box of 30 tablets - MyoGen

Also known as Anastrozole, Aridimex is an extremely potent anti-estrogen that belongs to the Aromatase inhibitor family. It remains the most popular control drug for estrogen and is available in both tablet and liquid form for oral administration. With it also, you will be able to prevent gynecomastia among many other side effects of bodybuilding products.

4* Nolvagen® - Anti Estrogen Nolvadex 20 mg/tablet - Box of 10 tablets - MyoGen

Nolvadex is a renowned anti-estrogen drug that can help you manage side effects spawned by anabolic-based drugs. It is an excellent drug for bodybuilders beginning a post cycle therapy (PCT) or those almost ending a steroid cycle. Other benefits you’ll get while using this product include constructive metabolism, toned muscles, and quick recovery during training.

2* Clomigen® - Anti Estrogen Clomid 50 mg/tablet - Box of 10 tablets - MyoGen

Anti Estrogen Clomid is a valuable product with a non-hormonal origin. It is used in sports and medicine for various tasks. In sports, this anti-estrogen is actively used to maintain muscle mass after receiving AC.
In power sports and bodybuilding, Anti Estrogen Clomid is also a popular drug thanks to its ability to block estrogen receptors in body cells without stopping its secretion. It’s also used to enhance the production of endogenous testosterone.


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